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Immortal Desires By Laura Eno

Immortal Desires (a Well of Souls novel)Immortal Desires by Laura Eno
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Immortal Desires by Laura Eno

Deanna Cameron's life has been turned upside down. While waiting to walk down the isle with the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with, her maid-of-honor receives a text message. “Tell Deanna I'm sorry. Nick” For the next year she is going through the motions of her life. Just when she decides she needs a new start, she receives an email from the CEO of Light Street Corporation offering her a dream job in a new state. When she arrives she is in for more of a new start than she planned. An Immortal Guardian sends her 500 years into the past to be with her soul mate, only neither Deanna or her soul mate knows it. Ian Mackay is surprised when a woman suddenly appears at his castle out of thin air. Even while his has a strong attraction to her, he doesn't trust her. Not only is she dressed in men's breachers but she says her name is Cameron. The Cameron's are the clan responsible for his father's death and sworn enemies of his clan. She is also clocked by a heavy magic his Druid magic can not see through.

Laura has done it again. She has taken a time travel romance and given it a twist. I wont tell you what it is, you will have to read it for yourself. Deanna is a strong heroin and Ian is a good match for her. He is strong without being overbearing. The characters will catch you up in their lives and you will find yourself trying to look ahead to see what happens... don't do it. Just enjoy the ride. The settings are well done, from the mountain tops of Colorado to the wilds of Scotland. They are also inhabited with a very interesting and realistic cast of characters. If you enjoy romances and time travel you will love this book. Get a copy today, you wont regret it.

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I received this book in ebook format from The Knights of The Round Table reading group at Goodreads. While I was asked to write a review of the book, I was in no way told what to write. This is my honest opinion of the book. I have never met Laura in person, though I do know her on- line but that didn't influence my review. She didn't bribe me or threaten me with Jezebel.

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  1. Thank you for the review! Your comment about Jezebel cracked me up!


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