Friday, December 17, 2010

SILENT NIGHT...A #Fridayflash

 Yes I know it has been awhile since I posted a #fridayflash, so I figured I better get on the ball.  This is one I have been thinking about for along time.  Hope you enjoy.


   9 MONTHS!!! 9 DAMN months without a peaceful night's sleep.  Well that ends tonight.  From here on out there will only be Silent nights... No phone calls at through out the night, waking me up.

   I can't believe the one time I go to a club in 2 years HE has to be there.

   The night started off great.  I got to the club before the dance contest started, and got a good seat at the rail to watch it from.  I got to visit and dance with all my old friends and students.  To top it all off the couple that won was the ones I use to coach.  It would have been a perfect night to remember, if it hadn't been for him.

   I ran into him on the way to the Ladies room at the break during contest.  I recognized him as one of the customers from the video store I manage.  He was out with some people from his work.  Just my luck they decided to try out the new club that night.

   He was surprised to see me on that side of town.  He was also surprised I could dance, drink something stronger than diet coke and didn't spend all my time working.  There is a lot about me he didn't know and never will.  But he thought he knew me. He thought just because I was polite to him, I was a push over, afraid of my own shadow.  He didn't know shit.

   That first night he called my home and asked if I knew who he was, he thought I didn't remember him just because I didn't know his name.  I knew who he was alright.  I never forget a face or a voice.

   The only thing I didn't know was how he got my phone number.  I never give out my last name at the store.  Then I found out that Jason told him my name, when he stopped into the store.  It just never occurred to Jason I might not want everyone knowing my name.  We live in a small town and I am the only M. Lane listed.  Thank goodness I don't list my address in the phone book.

   He thought he was safe.  It never occurred to him that I knew who he was when he would call at 12:30...2...3...5:30 in the morning.  That damn ringing jarring me out of a dead sleep, night after night.

   Then last Friday he comes into the store while I was there to rent some movies.  I guess he figured because of the after Thanksgiving crowd, I wouldn't notice him.   Wrong again.  I saw him when he came through the door.  There isn't much I don't notice. 

   He was so careful not to look at me, and to stand in the check out line the furthest away from mine.  But as busy as we were I kept an eye on him.  The minute he walked out the door I ran a copy of his rental receipt.   Gotcha!!!

   I wish I could have seen his face when he called at 4:30 in the morning and said “Do you know how I am...”  I said “ Of course I do...By the way how did you like the movies 'Disturbia' and 'Nuts' “  Perfect choices for that creep.

   For once he was speechless.  What no obscene words, no in depth description of body parts .... just blissed silence as he hung up quickly on me.  But he was too late.

   YOU HEAR THAT YOU CREEP.  TOO LATE.  9 MONTHS too late Mr. Stephen Crumb of 1239 Hawthorn Street.  Tonight I have one last surprise for you.

   You know it is amazing what you can learn from the movies....

Siiilent night, unhoooly night,   Alllll is calm....

©2010 Pamela Jo