Monday, September 19, 2011

Stone of Destiny by Laura Eno

Stone of DestinyStone of Destiny by Laura Eno
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Make sure you have the time to read this. It is one you can't put down.

Gavin MacKenzie is a handsome self-assured Scottish Laird. When he knowingly takes and subsequently dismisses a Fae from his bed, he is asking for trouble. And he gets it in the form of Abbie Kyle a woman from the future, sent by the fae to stop Gavin's upcoming marriage.

Abbie suddenly finds herself in another country and 400 years in the past. To make matters worse she comes face to face with a man, who takes her breath and reason away, even if he isn't her type.

Gavin in turn finds a woman literally at his feet, and in the strangest outfit. The strangely beautiful creature then get in his face and insists that he send her back home to her time in the future.

Laura Eno has once again brought us a story that will keep us turning the pages to the end and wishing for more. Her humor and story telling will keep us coming back again and again.

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This book was a gift from the Author. She in no way asked for or influenced this review. I wrote like I read it.